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Feel The Energy is a community trying to support each other in living a better life. Join us in sharing resources and encouragement, and living the “Feel The Energy” life!

Look forward to articles, images, social media communities, tips, advice, podcasts, video channels, etc.

-Bre & Nick Wynkoop


Feeling better to live your life to the fullest
We got tired of sitting back and letting life roll by because of low energy and bad habits, especially when it was avoidable. So now we are focused on how to live healthy, yet affordable and achievable lifestyles.


Being future-focused and wise money managers
We have seen again and again how the stress of finances can throw a whole life out of whack, but the peace of a better outlook can transform your world, with just a few simple changes. We also want to see people get their Plexus paid for and their businesses start to grow.


Living for joy, family and fun


Praying for healing and a better life
We truly believe that Feel The Energy is a community where people support each other. By focusing on helping others, we can become more complete people ourselves, mind, body, and soul!

For Real

Sharing up-front and knowledgeable resources
We also support each other by sharing useful resources. Dealing with health, business, and multi-level marketing all require a high level of honesty and integrity, so by focusing on being up front with people, and on sharing knowledge, videos, podcasts, events, resources, studies and facts, we can make sure we are always geared toward helping, not selling!