2nd Day of Plexus: ProBio5!

Our version of the BEST probiotic on the market! Do you have any of the symptoms in the picture below? Almost EVERYONE does — I sure did until using this probiotic! A little bit of yeast in our bodies is beneficial. Too much of it, and it colonizes and it turns into a literal toxic overgrowth, wreaking havoc on nearly all of our systems, especially our immune system. Guess what causes yeast…sugar (from sugar itself and from broken-down carbs)! Most other probiotics simply add some of the beneficial yeast/bacteria back to try and fight the bad stuff. Ours does that AND includes an anti-fungal to KILL the bad stuff (fungus is an awfully ugly word, but that’s exactly what it is) and gather up the released dead yeast and toxins so they can be flushed out of your body.
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