Testimonials of Healing and a Better Life

We’ll post lots of stories and specific examples of healing, energy, weight loss and other life changes! Look for specific examples that apply to you, or contact us to post your own.

[Plexus Success] Less Stress = More Connections

It’s incredible what just a few hundred extra bucks a months can do! Stress goes down, free time goes up a little, and all of a sudden you and your spouse are more relaxed, free, and flirty. There is time and space in your brain for connection and romance. There is room in your heart to assume the best of each other and look for the good.

Another benefit is closeness of working together if your so lucky to have the chance. #askme about the opportunity for at home income from #Plexus, which is what Bre and I do. The product is quality, and the income is generous. I love when I create something cool for our business and surprise Bre, and we get to spend time talking and planning together.

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1st day of Plexus: Slim!

I wanted to tell you about my favorite supplement, Plexus Slim, commonly known as the PINK DRINK! Are you struggling with energy, weight loss, sleep, or pain? Most Americans do—you’re not alone! This comes in a packet, similar to Crystal Lite, that you mix with water and drink daily and it tastes great! I have seen many benefits, but my favorite is that it gives me a sustained natural energy by stabilizing blood sugars throughout the day. [No, I am not diabetic!] When you have stabilized blood sugars, it helps your body’s natural biorhythms which may result in:
-weight loss (by helping your body properly burn fat),
-control over food cravings and appetite reduction,
-helps promote better sleep (kicking my chronic fatigue to the curb),
-improved mood and less anxiety,
-pain relief,
-mental clarity,
-improvements in blood pressure, lipids/triglycerides, cholesterol,
-stabilized hormones (thyroid, reproductive, etc.),
-reduce inflammation and pain
All of this because of a delicious drink that is made up of natural, plant-based ingredients! What is there to lose? This has helped my family become healthier and make better food decisions — I’m able to say no to all the free holiday goodies and not feel left out. I am definitely much more productive every day because I feel better with my pink {energy} drink! Plexus products help make you healthy from the inside out! ‪#‎feeltheenergy‬ ‪#‎dontjustwatchmejoinme‬ ‪#‎nothingtolose‬ ‪#‎12daysofPlexus‬ ‪#‎TheGiftOfGoodHealth‬