Easy and Cheap Gift For Your Toddler or Preschooler

Last Christmas I had a toddler boy who loved tools and Bob the builder, so I got the idea to make him a tool box slash workbench. The goal was to give him a place of his own, where he could store all his building toys, with some features that would spark ideas, facilitate building, and encourage creativity.

But after I had built it I realized that it was useful for way more than that, for girls as well as boys and for all types of different interests.

Lemme show you the final product first, then talk about other gift ideas and how to build your own.

As you can see, with just a different paint scheme this could be ANY kind of work station!

  • Barby barber shop / doctor office / mall
  • Monsters and animals lair
  • Craft table
  • Art station
  • Race car garage and arena
  • Dressup trunk and studio
  • Puzzle station

Can you think of more? Comment below…

Some things to keep in mind if you do your own:

  • Keep it cheap by using scraps
  • Ask family, friends, neighbors for scrap – they may be glad to get rid of it!
  • Sand scrap well and look for nails to pull out for safety
  • Paint before assembly for cool multi color look, or after assembly if you wanna hide all screws and nails.
  • Screws for durability, nails for convenience…mind depth for both
  • Sand all corners and edges really well to round them…cause you know, kids.
  • Use slow-closing hinges, sold at Lowes/Home Depot for kitchen cabinets. Important to prevent finger smashes.
  • Cross beams on the legs are more important the skinnier or looser they are.
  • Attach extra hinges, latches, bells, and whistles…any little hardware you can find for more fun.

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