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Take Plexus Block with your meal!

Take Plexus Block 30 minutes before? Not any more!!!

That’s right, you can now take Block with your meals to help block absorption of carbs and sugars that can cause weight gain and bad gut health. It is already incredible to have a supplement that blocks carbs, but to be able to take it with food?

It’s rare to have a supplement that you take with food, and that is so effective so if you currently a Plexus customer, why wait, happy eating! If you haven’t tried any Plexus supplements yet, why are you waiting? While you’ll still have to eat well and excercise, and weight loss is never a guarantee, Block could be the helping hand you’ve been missing.
See our Plexus Successes for stories of what it can do for you!

Do I take Plexus Block with meals or 30 minutes before meals?

I know, you’ve heard both. From when it was first released by Plexus until literally today, you were supposed to take Block 30 minutes before your meal. However, it was announced just today at the #Plexus #DreamOn2016 convention that from now on you’ll take Block with meals!

It has been redesigned as a smaller, more effectice pill that is easier and of course more convenient to take. No more waiting for food! No more wondering “will it still block carbs half an hour after food?”

Plexus Block training guides

It was announced that your Plexus back office will also now include easy sharable materials about Block like videos and product .pdf brochures in a new “Tools” tab. The materials are totally new, very sharply designed, and each includes talking points, the benefits of Block, instructions, and training on how to share about the product!

Happy sharing, eating, and learning! If you’re still eating the American average 156 lbs. of sugar (almost 4x the recommended amount, and 173% times what was eaten by our great-grandparents) without trying Block to bring your body back to balance, let us know your needs, or see what it might be costing you.