Quick Mike Bickle Quote

…one of the most common temptations is to draw back from pressing in hard after God. I am not referring to being tempted to quit the faith but of being tempted to quit pressing in hard after Jesus and to just “coast” spiritually for a few years. The Spirit inspires us to recommit again and again to live in wholeheartedness and to never let go of our vision to walk in the fullness of God in our lives.

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[Quote] On Self Image From Experiencing Father’s Embrace by Jack Frost

You were created in God’s image, and God is love. If you are uncomfortable with God, you are uncomfortable with love. If you are uncomfortable with love, you are uncomfortable with yourself. If you are uncomfortable with yourself, you are going to be uncomfortable with others. If you do not believe you are lovable, you may find it difficult to receive God’s gift of unmerited love and favor. And it may be difficult to enjoy healthy relationships with others if you view yourself differently from the way God views you.

[Quote] From “Keep Your Love On: Connection Communication And Boundaries” by Danny Silk

“In order to be able to make and keep commitments like this— commitments to enduring, intimate relationships— you need to be a certain kind of person. You need to be a powerful person. Powerful people take responsibility for their lives and choices. Powerful people choose who they want to be with, what they are going to pursue in life, and how they are going to go after it.”

[Quote] God’s Reality From “Mentor Like Jesus” by Regi Campbell, Richard Chancy, Andy Stanley

“God’s reality, the visible world merged with the invisible world, is a reality of threes, not twos. Let me explain. Deciding to mentor isn’t a decision that’s just between me and that person or me and that group. That’s a world of twos. It’s me, the younger person who needs a mentor, and God. It’s me, the potential Radical Mentoring group, and God. God is the third party in every transaction . . . every situation . . . every decision.”